Sunday, November 7, 2010

Caress and embrace the help anti-aging

British "The Independent" recently reported that nine emotions affect health, including a variety of emotions to improve the couple, husband and wife helpful:
Couples often fight to pay more recovery time
Published in the latest issue of "International Mental Physiology," article in the journal study, said that if a dispute and the wife half an hour, take at least a day to restore your body's response capacity; for couples who often fight for recovery time also doubled.

Ohio State University researchers in the arms of a married couple on the pumping equipment installed, to test them: When they asked about the different views and have had a heated argument over the issue, the couple wound on the arm than the normal slow recovery in case of 40%. This reaction is caused by a sudden increase in immune cells factors, and if the high side of the cell factor, can cause arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The week after angry, think of it as long as the blood pressure will rise. So whether it is bottomless anger Ye Hao, Ye Hao, or feel a little frustrated, it is best to forget it as soon as possible.

"Loved" has led to a more calm body and mind
University of Pavia, Italy, researchers found that will make people fall in love within a year, the body of the nerve growth factor in the increased level of state, the hormone like substances will stimulate new brain cell growth, helps nerve system restore, and enhance memory; the same time, in love, "loved" satisfaction, will make people's body and mind in a calm state. But love a year later, nerve growth factor levels to fall, then the feeling of romantic love no longer exists, people are back to reality.

Jealousy burning blood pressure
Among the human emotions, jealousy is a strong and painful, most difficult to control. The most typical is a man jealous rival when they found when the woman's jealous lover is often suspected of betrayal when the outbreak. London physician, Dr. Jane Fleming said, jealousy is the fear, worry and anger mix, these three emotions will make people explode, people were burning jealousy usually high blood pressure, heart rate, adrenaline increased, weak immunity, anxiety and even insomnia.

Lover's touch and embrace anti-aging help
University of California at Los Angeles professor of psychiatry, Dr. Kass said Hella, human posterior pituitary secrete a condition known as "bonding hormone" material, it makes love and hugs between the desire to touch it kinds of action will also stimulate the body to repair cells secrete an anti-aging, anti-repression of hormone. Other forms of touch such as massage, has also been proven to help the body recover. New York's Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Mohai Te Oaks those for open heart surgery and heart transplant patients had a massage therapy trial results show that significantly reduce recovery time and postoperative complications are greatly reduced.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Do you frequent colds

Well-known British science writer Jennifer - Ackerman after the visit of leading experts, summarize the many newly discovered cold. Some really incredible, the following is the secret of cold 8 new


Comes just as seasonal, who enlivened the cold. Recently, published in the British "Daily Mail" on the story that the latest study found that the average person's life cold 200 times, each

Times the average for 9 days, the average lifetime duration of cold symptoms is about 5 years.
A new secret, kissing is not contagious cold.

Medical College of Wisconsin study found that almost led to the common cold virus enters the body through the mouth does not. Risk of spread of the virus in saliva is one other way in 8000.

Kissing or sharing drinks not spread the cold virus. Most flu viruses enter the body through the nose and eyes, transmission include: coughing, sneezing or touching other hands.
Second, new secrets, clothes will not kill the cold virus.

University of Arizona microbiologist Charles - Mikhail study found that 99% of washing can remove the bacteria, if the dirty clothes, there are 100 million bacteria, then washed

The clothes still have 10,000. The flu virus more difficult than bacteria washed from the clothes.
Three new secret, vitamin C can cure the common cold.

1 million people involved in a clinical trial found that vitamin C does not cure the common cold effect. However, some studies have shown that daily moderate to add some vitamin C, can prevent a cold

So that the risk of colds in half.
New secret four chance of suffering from a cold job-related.

Study found that 47% of the office computer, 46% and 45% of the mouse phone with a cold virus. Most likely the cold virus professional lawyers, teachers, accountants, bank staff

The doctor, the host and television director and so on.

Five new secret, blowing his nose does not help cure.

Nasal mucus is not caused by a cold, but the nose caused by swelling of blood vessels. Hard blowing your nose can only lead to a cold viruses, bacteria and chemicals into the sinus inflammation, the formation of secondary infection.

The best way is to gently blowing your nose, every one nostril.
Six new secret warm, can not prevent a cold.

University of Virginia researchers Ron - Taylor, said exposure to cold and not necessarily catch a cold. Autumn and winter, low temperatures, more humid, so many people are willing to stay indoors, into the

And more prone to the virus cross-infection.
New Secret Seven, the immune system more vulnerable to cold is not necessarily bad

Symptoms of a cold virus the immune system and the "struggle" formation. So severe cold symptoms is not necessarily immune system is weak.
Eight new secrets, love socializing difficult to cold.

People generally believe that social contact with people who love people more and more susceptible to cold. In fact, the social range of people than the small social circle of people less likely to cold. Because people usually gregarious

Positive health awareness, less chance of a cold.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

What kind of vitamin supplement may improve sperm quality?

Pressures of modern social life, environmental pollution is also more serious, decline in sperm quality is an indisputable fact, usually focus more to add some vitamins to improve sperm quality.

1, vitamin E

Vitamin E can regulate gonadal function and prolong the life of sperm. Vitamin E can improve blood circulation, can increase the capillary, especially the movement of the genital area of capillaries, can increase libido, increase sperm production. Vegetable oil is the best food sources of vitamin E, vitamin E-rich foods are sesame, walnut, lean meat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, lettuce, etc., in addition to soybeans, peanuts, walnuts, seeds, animal liver, egg yolk , butter and corn, yellow-green vegetables are rich in vitamin E.

2, vitamin B12

The physiological activity of vitamin B12 depends largely on the cobalt. Cobalt can reduce tissue oxygen consumption, thereby enhancing tolerance to hypoxia, hypoxia organizations to promote the body's vitality, long-standing vegetarians because of a lack of vitamin B12, the concentration of sperm in semen was significantly lower than others , semen volume produce less than others, affect the normal sexual function. Vitamin B12-rich foods: liver, beef, pork, eggs, milk, cheese.

3, vitamin A

The main function of vitamin A is to promote protein synthesis. Vitamin A deficiency can affect the testes produce spermatocytes, vas deferens epithelial degeneration, decreased testicular weight, seminal vesicles, smaller prostate horny. Vitamin A is only present in animal tissues, in the egg yolk, milk, butter, cod liver oil and liver of animals with vitamin A more.

4, vitamin C

The role of vitamin C reduces sperm agglutination ability, is conducive to semen liquefaction. Genetic DNA in the sperm cell through the antioxidant vitamin C, to be protected, if the genes are damaged, can lead to reduced sperm fertilizing capacity resulting in infertility. Fresh vegetables such as cabbage, leeks, spinach, pepper, fresh fruits such as oranges, dates, hawthorn, kiwi containing C and more.

Men work outside the attention of vitamin intake that must improve sperm quality is essential and necessary.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

19 interesting body

19 interesting body
1. People have a unique tongue print.

2. Common human body contains enough iron in production of 3 inches (7.62 cm) nails; contains enough sulfur to kill all dogs of a common flea; containing carbon is sufficient to produce 900 pencils; contain enough potassium launch a door toy guns; contain enough fat production of 7 soaps; containing phosphorus enough to make 2200 Huochai Tou.

3. Research shows that when men want food, they tend to fat and salt. Women want food, more likely to eat chocolate.

4. Men sleep an average of 1-1.5 hours of erection time.

5. Fingernail or toenail from the root to the fingertips of Ministers about 6 months.

6. Ordinary people 6 times a day on the toilet.

7. Babies born with 300 bones, but adults only 206 bones.

8. Beard is the fastest growing hairs on the body. If an ordinary man never shaving, then to leave this world, his beard will grow to 30 feet (9.14 meters) long.

9. To 60 years of age, most people have lost half of the taste buds.

10. To 70 years old, your heart beats 2.5 billion times already.

11. Smile requires the deployment of 17 muscles, and the mobilization of 43 muscles to frown.

12. Chewing will produce 200 pounds (90.72 kilograms) of force.

13. The average duration of human sexual intercourse for 2 minutes.

14.'s Left lung is smaller than the right lung, which is to make room for the heart.

15. The body in the female egg cell is the largest; the smallest is the male sperm.

16. The human body every minute 300 million cell death.

17. Women burn fat slower rate than men, about 50 calories per day.

18. A woman's heart than a man's heart beat faster.

19. According to the German scholars, in a week, Monday, the highest risk of a heart attack.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The best time to eat fruit

The morning is best, apples, pears, grapes. Morning to eat fruit, can help digestion and absorption, enabling catharsis, and taste sweet and sour fruit, may make people feel refreshed all day. The gastrointestinal After a night of rest, the function is still active, the digestion is not strong. Acid is not so strong, astringent taste of fruit is not too strong, such as apples, pears, grapes and other very fit.

Do not eat before a meal, cherry tomatoes, orange, hawthorn, banana, persimmon. Some fruits are not allowed to eat in an empty stomach before meals, such as cherry tomatoes, orange, hawthorn, bananas and so on. Cherry tomatoes containing soluble astringent, if empty stomach, it will combine with the acid leaving the stomach pressure increases caused by pain. Orange contains a large number of organic acids, fasting food is easy to produce bloating, uh acid. Hawthorn Pickle, fasting will eat stomach. Bananas in potassium, high magnesium content, fasting bananas, would increase the amount of magnesium in blood, while the cardiovascular inhibition. The role of a convergence of persimmon, persimmon experience will form acid rock, can neither be digested, and can not be discharged, after eating a lot of fasting, there will be nausea and vomiting.

After dinner to be elected, pineapple, papaya, kiwi, orange, hawthorn. Pineapple contains bromelain to help digestion of protein to supplement the lack of digestive enzymes in the body, enhance digestion. Li in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" also affirmed the spleen and stomach can pineapple, solid strength. Meal to eat pineapple, appetizer shun gas, oily solution, to help digestion. Papaya papaya enzyme helps the body break down meat protein, after a meal to eat a small amount of papaya, the prevention of gastric ulcer, gastroenteritis, indigestion and other have a certain effect. Kiwi, orange, hawthorn, etc., rich in a large number of organic acids, can increase digestive enzyme activities, and promote lipolysis, help digestion.

Supper soothe the nerves, eat longan. Supper eat the fruit is not conducive to digestion, and because too much fruit sugar, easily lead to excess calories, leading to obesity. Especially before going to sleep eat high fiber content of the fruit, filling the GI will be affected by sleep, on the gastrointestinal function of poor people, it is harmful to health. However, if sleep is not good, can eat a few dried longan, it has sedative effect Zhumian, make you sleep better.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Removing A Kidney: The Nephrectomy Process

Removing A Kidney: The Nephrectomy Process
Nephrectomy is really a term utilized by doctors to describe the surgical removal of a kidney or part of a kidney. The same procedure is generally known as nephrectomy surgery. Nephrectomy surgery is essential when a kidney malfunctions simply because it really is irreparably diseased or damaged.

One of the necessary jobs performed by the kidneys is filtering and removing toxins and wastes from the bloodstream. This cleaning process generates urine.

A nephrectomy is done to treat 1 of numerous achievable kidney troubles. It can be typically utilized to treat patients whose kidneys have failed, and where there's kidney cancer or abnormal tissue expansion.

A complete or radical nephrectomy means the entire kidney is removed. When only a a part of the kidney is taken out, it's referred to as a partial nephrectomy. There's another kind of nephrectomy referred to as a donor nephrectomy technique. This describes an operation in which someone donates a healthy kidney as part of a kidney transplant operation.

You can find two common methods the surgery might be done and they're listed below:

1. Laparoscopic Nephrectomy - This fairly new and innovative technique permits the surgeon to avoid making a large incision. Instead, he or she makes various small incisions. These incisions are utilized to insert a miniature tube-like camera as well as the other instruments necessary to the procedure. The surgeon looks at an TV screen while manipulating the instruments to remove all or a part of the kidney.

2. Open Nephrectomy - Unlike the laparoscopic type, an open nephrectomy procedure entails generating a single huge open incision for removing the kidney or a part of the kidney.

The condition with the kidney and how very much tissue must be eliminated will determine what kind of nephrectomy is the better choice.

You're probably wondering what determines how considerably kidney tissue needs to be eliminated.

You will discover several considerations. It's important to understand how very much with the kidney's function has been affected by disease. The health care provider should also establish the amount of damage the kidney has suffered, and the way the injury has impacted kidney function. The medical doctor will also take into account whether the injury is located in only one kidney or not. Inside the case of cancer, he or she will need to know if it has spread to nearby tissues or to the other kidney.

To aid figure out the ideal course of action, a selection of tests will be given that include the following:

Ultrasound - The doctor creates a computer-enhanced picture from the kidney and surrounding tissues makes use of sound waves.

Computerized Tomography - This technology uses special X-rays to produce computer-enhanced pictures of thin, cross-section "slices" of tissues in the kidneys. It's also refered to as CT or CT scanning.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging - This variety of technology employs radio waves and a magnetic field to produce computer-enhanced 3-dimensional views in the kidney. Also known as an"MRI."

After examining the results from these tests, your surgeon come up having a course of action that's best for you.

Recovery time is not the same for everybody. It varies depending on the overall situation of your well being as well as the sort of nephrectomy you've had.

Nephrectomies can sometimes have post-surgery complications like high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease. Despite these possibilities, most men and women who have had a nephrectomy recover fully and return to a quality of life that's the same - or nearly the similar - as they had prior to their procedure.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Prime Three Illnesses for Old Age

Prime Three Illnesses for Old Age
Nowadays, we can live very much longer than before and we are able to also hold us in superior health. And there are many reports show that the life span is now considerably longer than our ancestors. Nonetheless, due to the fact our bodies will turn out to be weaker when we grow older and we might have various sorts of ailments. To the proper care giver of elder men and women, it truly is rather vital to obtain some knowledge on these diseases. And this write-up will share some information on the prime 3 illnesses which are extremely prevalent amongst the elder men and women.
The first a single must be cancer. There are numerous different varieties of cancers including breast most cancers, lung most cancers and skin cancer and so on. Although you can find different types of remedy that can positive the most cancers, they're commonly not incredibly suitable for the elder ones for the reason that they are so aggressive that they might make it much more tough for that elder people today to recover from it. The reports have shown that a lot more than 65% with the elderly people are troubled by most cancers. And it is really critical for your proper care giver to be careful on the unusual or abnormal signs or symptoms and try to check it out as early as feasible.
The second 1 really should be the diabetes which is normally incurable but not fateful. This ailment is often the cause of two much fat and sugar in the physique and keeping a healthy diet with some essential remedy will make it far better. But there is not quick way to cure this disease and it can be possibly to get worse if the patient doesn't get good treatment. As well as the most important factor for a treatment giver for the elder people would be to hold a diet with less sweet food and this might help preserve the blood sugar under the control. Needed medicines and injection really should also in very good preparation.
The third one must be dementia which is the result of your damage of your brain. As people get older, the function of your brain will degradation and this will outcome in some damages to the physique. Alzheimer's disease is 1 of most frequent dementias amongst the elder individuals. Once the elderly have such kind of sickness, they will gradually lose their memory and get confused. Fortunately, this sort of disorder will require a long time to develop and it could be meliorate via some treatments. And for the proper care giver, you should be a lot more patient and form in the direction of those who have such type of disorder since they need your tolerance and respect. Excellent proper care with some remedies can make it far better.

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